Geoffrey Bauduin

Software Developer


Who I am

Passionate, talented, open-minded and really curious, I'm a hard working person fond of new technologies. I'm currently looking for an internship starting in March 2016.

My favorite technologies: C, C++, Node.js, Python, AngularJS
Experience with: PHP, C#, SQL, Bash, HTML/CSS

I'm a French grad student from EPITECH (class of 2014), and I'm finishing my 1st year of master program (class of 2016). I've spent 6 months in the USA to complete 1 semester in the College at Brockport (SUNY).
I'm looking for a full-time internship, starting in March 2016, that could lead to a full-time position. I'm opened to any proposition, in France or even abroad.

Even if I've spent a long time being a Frontend developer, I realized not long ago that I was more into Backend development. I have a lot of projects related to PHP/HTML/CSS. I'm not a bad developer when it comes to these technologies, but that's clearly not my thing!

I really want to contribute to something really big. My most valuable experience, so far, is at Pevika. As a software developer, I helped this start-up, advising them about technologies, to get ready and have the perfect architecture before their launch, and made my best to ensure it would handle the load if needed.

During my curriculum, I had the opportunity to spend more than 1 year and half working for several companies. Even if I think I found my specialty, I'm still really open to new technologies, and ready to dive into new fields, moreover if it can enrich my knowledge.


Work experience

Software Developer


Since August 2014

Pevika is a company developing Tutti flirty, a dating app using video. The principle is quite simple: using a selfie (a recent image that you have to take before being able to do anything in the app), you can call other users in order to get a visit card, allowing you to keep in touch with your interlocutor if possible!

  • Early development of a prototype, used as a proof of concept, using AngularJS and Cordova
  • Development of the Node.js server, scalable horizontally

Teacher assistant


September 2013 - July 2014

EPITECH is a 5 year school that delivers a French equivalent of a Master of Science in Information Technology. Its unique pedagogy makes it one of the best IT schools in France, its students are immersed in a company-like environment from the very beginning of their scolarity

  • I teached during classes and helped the students during labs
  • I graded the student during their defenses
  • I contributed to the software used to detect if the students are cheating when they do their homework

Web developer

No Parking

July 2012 - December 2012

No Parking is an agency developing web applications. They are developing Opentime, a tool designed to valorize time and activity monitoring

  • I contributed to Opentime, adding specific functionalities for some clients
  • I developed the online shop Aberlaas, selling playing carpets for childrens. The carpets are printed from OpenStreetMap images, and children can actually play on their neighborhood


M. Sc. Information Technology


Class of 2016

After graduating in 2014, I decided to keep going for 2 more years in order to get a Master

Exchange semester, Computer Science
GPA 3.67

SUNY College at Brockport

Spring 2015

As part of my 1st year of master program at EPITECH, I went on an exchange program at the College at Brockport

I followed the following modules:

  • Algorithm and Data Structures
  • Issues in Criminals and Forensic Computing
  • Project Management
  • Discrete Maths II
  • Introduction to Finanacial Accounting

B. Sc. Information Technology
GPA 3.15


Class of 2014

EPITECH is a 5 year school. Its unque pedagogy consists in diving the students into a company model, by giving them projects, specs, and deadlines to respect.


Tutti flirty

as a Software Developer at Pevika

Since August 2014

Tutti flirty is the future of the dating app! Take a selfie, swipe through the users and have a video call with any users currently connected to the application! You have 20 seconds to find out if your interlocutor is a good match for you !

On a technical view, Tutti flirty is composed of the following elements:

  • An API, designed in PHP
  • A mobile app for iOS (the Android version will be developed very soon)
  • A scalable Node.js websocket server
I was once in charge of the mobile app, in the very beginning of my work at Pevika. The main goal was to get a proof of concept very soon, so they opted for a Cordova application using the AngularJS framework. While the project is growing, I switched to the development of a Node.js server while a native iOS app is being developed.


as a Student at EPITECH

Since January 2014

Citywarfare is a project conducted in the EIP program of Epitech. This is a 2 years project, and it stands for the final assignment of our scolarship. Its aim is to promote the creativity and innovation spirit of the students of Epitech. It allows us to create freely, to acquire autonomy and to develop our capacities of organization and adaptation.

Citywarfare is a war game in augmented reality. Alone, or with your friends, and using your smartphone as your only weapon, your city becomes a huge battlefield. The project is divided into two poles (back-end and front-end), and has multiple components:

  • A game server, developed in Python
  • An API, developed in Ruby and using the Ruby on rails framework
  • Three mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows Phone)
  • A website, developed in PHP using the CodeIgniter framework
I am in charge of the development of the windows phone app, using C# and .NET framework.


as a Teacher Assistant at Epitech

Since April 2014

As a part of our internship in Epitech as Pedagogical assistants, Antoine and I have been thinking about a new way to access informations for Epitech students.

Epitech students have to go abroad during their first year of master program. To help them, the school provides documentation about the partnerships they have with foreign universities, but until then it was on PDF files poorly updated. Hence, we had the idea to change that, and to create a web platform, intended to be faster and better for the students to find information about universities.

The project is divided in two parts:

  • An API, developed in PHP and using a custom framework
  • A website using the AngularJS framework
I am in charge of the website

Technical Skills








I'm always trying to improve my skills, and always trying to learn new languages and new ways of programming